The time is 1371 DR. It is 13 years after the Time of Troubles and the death of Bane. The gods bicker like spoiled children over the actions of Cyric, their attention diverted by the great trial to determine his innocence or guilt. The followers of the Black Lord are scattered—some have found homes with Cyric, others the Baneson, Xvim, and some wander godless, their truth faith kept throughout the desolate years of their lord’s absence.

Attempts have been made over the years to renew the life of the Lord of Darkness, the most famous of which was the search for the Hand of Bane, the greatest of the Black Lord’s artifacts. Since the destruction of that artifact upon the very corpse of Bane, there have been no other attempts to restore the dead god.

Until now. The time is ripe and select followers of the Black Hand have been selected for the greatest endeavor in the church’s history. With the attention of the gods upon Cyric, there is no better time for the true followers of the Black Lord to seize power and return their lord and master to his rightful place.

Worshippers of Bane have received whispered prophecy and fragmented visions to guide them… and know that success means power in both the now and the hereafter, ruling forever at the Black Lord’s right hand.

Ressurection of Tyranny